$5,000.00 USD

The Fully Engaged Leader 12-Month Program

Want to avoid the pitfalls of leadership?

Disengaged, frustrated, overwhelmed, and micromanaged leadership leads to: Unbalanced, unhealthy, exhausted, dysfunctional teams, and unmotivated employees/students, etc.

A well-balanced leader creates a better culture and climate for employees, provides better coaching and conflict resolution, is self-aware as a leader, has a framework for better decision-making, and has balanced, engaged, healthy, motivated, and happy employees/students, etc.

Coaching should inspire and motivate transformation and growth. Stop throwing your money away on professional development that doesn’t get you to where you want to go FAST! If you need to make some changes and if you want to inspire others in their growth and leave a legacy of long-lasting impact, click here and don’t get left behind.

What you'll get:

  • Momentum Setting- Engage in a one-on-one momentum setting call with your coach to discuss what they want to learn and the learning path.
  • Professional Development - access to mini-courses on topics you want to learn about.
  • Accountability - Once a month zoom hot seat, mindfulness, and momentum setting sessions with Q&A.
  • Community - Access to our members only Facebook Group where you can surround yourself with the people, the experiences and the environment that will push you to grow and unleash your full potential as the fully engaged leader you want to become.
  • Implementation - Plan the steps you need to take from your vision to creating a plan of action---finish what you start and implement the programs you want with integrity.
  • CEUs and/or College Credit - Earn up to 5 CEUS or up to 2 College Credit Hours!