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Professional Development and Coaching for Schools and Organizations

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Education Consulting

Teaching and learning is reimagined using data, research, and results to refine your instructional practices to meet your learners with strategies responsive to their needs. Learn about how our high-quality, participant-centered approach to professional development, coaching, and educational consulting helps districts bridge the gap between theory and practice.


Coaching Program

The Fully Engaged Leadership League Coaching Program is designed to help new and seasoned leaders unleash the potential in themselves and others, and cultivate high-performing teams. Become a more versatile leader who can fully engage those they lead by immersing yourself in self-assessments, real-world problem-solving, reflection, professional learning, coaching, and feedback from colleagues and peers.


Corporate Consulting

When your employees have the training and coaching that they need, they perform to the best of their ability, and your organization reaches and exceeds the vision. Making the investment in your employee's training enhances employee health, safety, personal growth, compliance with regulations, and improves productivity. Learn about how our high-quality, participant-centered professional development, coaching, and corporate consulting helps corporations bridge the gap between vision and implementation.


We Believe

At SACE Consulting Inc. we believe in the POWER of investing in people; the POWER of reflecting on our own practices, and the POWER of coaching and leading with integrity, empathy, and kindness.



There is no greater return on your investment than investing in your people. We look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your journey and assisting you in STRATEGICALLY ADVANCING your organization. 



We never compromise on ethics. We are personally accountable for the highest standards of conduct. We fulfill our commitments - when we say we are going to do something, we do it.

Continuous Growth/Improvement

We have a culture of continuous improvement. We challenge ourselves to take stretch assignments to sharpen our skills. We are always reflecting on our practices to improve and share our knowledge. EXCELLENCE.


We take a visionary approach to problem-solving. We are never afraid to challenge status quo. We embrace new technology, research, and embrace creativity.


We are attentive and listen to what others say; encourage each other to express our views and ideas while accepting other opinions and values; communicate directly and honestly with others when it may be difficult; We make it easy to do business with us.


We take time to explain why not just how, when providing professional development; We encourage people to develop through knowledge sharing and networking.


We are passionate about strategically advancing organizations; We truly believe in partnership with every client.


We work with a sense of urgency and responsibility; recognize that communication is critical; strive to anticipate and fully understand our client's needs; We value long term relationships with our clients.


SACE Inc. is passionate about..


using data to inform decisions, finding opportunities to capture revenue, and increase employee retention while working to strategically advance schools and organizations by assessing the organization, its culture, current initiatives, and applying change management strategies, professional development design, delivery and coaching.


 We would love to help you strategically advance your organization today.  If we can help create any customized professional development, please contact us.





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