The Fully Engaged Leadership League Coaching Program 


The Fully Engaged Leadership League Coaching Program is designed to help new seasoned leaders unleash the potential in themselves and others, and cultivate high-performing teams. Become a versatile leader who can fully engage those they lead by immersing yourself in self-assessments, real-world problem solving, reflection, professional learning, coaching, and feedback from colleagues and peers.

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12-Month LEADERSHIP Coaching

The coaching cycle will be on a 12 month rotation so that no matter when you join you will be able to choose modules that meet your leadership needs and participate in the scheduled topics for each month.

Reflection and Self-Awareness

Knows strengths and opportunities for growth, works to sharpen ones skillset, develops intuition and decision-making skills through professional learning, manages stress, knowing what motivates self and others, and understanding what makes self and others “tick”.

Set Strategic Direction

Identifies a shared vision and goals for the organization. Plans and organizes well, sets a clear and simple course of action, stays focused on the most important priorities, has the ability to visualize and plan for the future, and understands the industry.

Communicate Effectively

Communicates clearly and directly, is approachable, relates well to others, engages people and helps them understand change, provides and seeks feedback, articulates clearly, and actively listens.

Create a Culture of Excellence

Is open to diverse ideas, pays attention to the little details, works inclusively and collaboratively, holds self and others accountable, involves others to accomplish individual and team goals.

Ethics and Integrity

Demonstrates strong character, builds partnerships between work and personal life, takes personal responsibility for own development, role models leadership qualities such as: motivation, inspiration, passion, and trust.

Measure What Matters

Utilizes data to accelerate and drive performance. Is action oriented, drives for results, sets clear expectations and milestones, reviews progress, acts decisively, solves problems, and can be counted on to consistently meet or exceed goals.

Manage Change

Leads change and innovation. Challenges the status quo, embraces technology, puts forward creative ideas, champions and implements process improvements, gathers ideas of others, demonstrates good judgment about which ideas will work.

Build Capacity

Develops talent and commits to professional growth of employees. Develops and cares about people, builds effective teams, helps people be their best, values and manages diversity, provides candid and constructive feedback, and shapes a collaborative culture through a fail forward/ growth mindset.

Empathetically Serve Others

Anticipates employees needs, champions for their team, acts with others in mind, exceeds expectations, gains trust and respect.

The Fully Engaged Leader Course Information Sheet

Become a more versatile leader who can fully engage those they lead by immersing yourself in self-assessments, real-world problem-solving, reflection, professional learning, coaching, and feedback from colleagues and peers.



Check out the additional bonuses you get with enrollment!

Bonus #1 Professional Development

Access to mini-courses on topics you want to learn about.

Bonus #2 Accountability

Once a month zoom hot seat, mindfulness, and momentum setting sessions with Q&A.

Bonus #3 Community

Access to our members only Facebook Group were you can surround yourself with the people, the experiences and the environment that will push you to grow and unleash your full potential as the fully engaged leader you want to become.

Bonus #4 Implementation

Plan the steps you need to take from your vision to creating a plan of action---finish what you start and implement the programs you want with integrity.

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Kristi Thompson is the President and Founder of Strategic Advancement Corporate and Education Consulting or SACE Inc. 


She comes from an educational background with 26 years’ experience as a classroom teacher, building principal, curriculum director, human resources director, and school superintendent.

She transitioned to the corporate world as a development executive. Her passion is working to strategically advance schools and organizations by assessing the organization, its culture, leadership styles, current initiatives, and applying change management strategies to professional development design, delivery, and coaching.

She can't wait to work with you!



The Institute of Coaching Cites:


✔ 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence.

✔ 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.

 ✔ 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more.

You Are In The Right Place If...

You are looking for ways to continually improve your leadership skills.
You want to build greater self-awareness and explore how you can adapt your leadership style to meet specific organizational challenges.
You have accepted a role as a new leader in your organization and you want to be ready for the challenges you will face in your new role as a leader.
You want to learn the art of impactful leadership.
You want to learn what it takes to be a highly engaged and empathetic leader and still maintain your sanity.
You are looking for ways to improve your organizational culture.
You want to improve your communication skills.
You are overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated, struggling or burnt-out.
You would like some help navigating the political landscape of leadership.
You would like to sharpen your skills, reboot, and reignite your passion for leadership.
You would like to develop techniques for building high-performing teams, coaching, delivering feedback, and handling stressful leadership situations.

Success Stories

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You Are Not Alone Anymore!

What Participant’s Say

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Want to Avoid the Pitfalls of Leadership?

Disengaged, frustrated, overwhelmed, and micromanaged leadership leads to: Unbalanced, unhealthy, exhausted, dysfunctional teams, and unmotivated employees/students, etc.

A well-balanced leader creates a better culture and climate for employees, provides better coaching and conflict resolution, is self-aware as a leader, has a framework for better decision-making, and has balanced, engaged, healthy, motivated, and happy employees/students, etc.

Coaching should inspire and motivate transformation and growth. Stop throwing your money away on professional development that doesn’t get you to where you want to go FAST! If you need to make some changes and if you want to inspire others in their growth and leave a legacy of long-lasting impact, click here and don’t get left behind.

6-Month Program

Top features

  • Professional Development
  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Implementation
  • CEUs and/or College CreditCE

12-Month Program

Most Popular

  • Momentum Setting
  • Professional Development
  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Implementation
  • CEUs and/or College Credit

Leadership Team Program

Top features

  • Quarterly Momentum Setting
  • Strategic Action Planning
  • Professional Development
  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Implementation
  • CEUs and/or College Credit

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